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I'm so glad to welcome you to this page of my website. I want to make your experience as pleasant and smooth as possible, so below is listed some frequently asked questions with answers. Hopefully this will help you decide whether this work is for you or not. If it is, I'm happy to aid you in meeting your healing needs and expectations. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Lani Reagan

Phone: (805) 338-5745

(My voicemail picks up if I'm with a client or driving, so please leave a message and I will return your call within the hour)

Email: AskLaniNow@gmail.com 

(Email works great for me as I check them frequently. I have a few clients who only communicate via email, due to the busy nature of their work and we always coordinate beautifully)


Do you accept insurance?

My practice is too busy to manage medical billing, so I do not accept typical insurance. I have however worked on individuals whose plan reimbursts them the cost of the massage, if I provide them with an invoice. I am happy to do that at your request.


Is your treatment time 50min or 60min?

Some spa's book on the hour so the time you get on the table is 50 minutes. I book clients for 60 minutes and leave 15 min between bookings. 


Do you do outcall or do you have an office?

I see most of my clients are their homes, however I do have office space available for new clients or others who prefer it. I welome last minute bookings for out-call sessions and am always willing to accomodate if my schedule allows, but for in-office visits, a day or two advance notice is usually needed.


How would you decribe your bodywork and what I can get out of it?

I want my clients to have a relaxing experience, but I am also practical and want them to feel large improvements in their physical, mental and emotional states. This means that I aim to address physical pain and injury by using deeper, neuro-muscular techniques; emotional stress and mental overload via relaxing swedish massage techniques and energy work. Quite frequently I use aromatherpay to facilitate mood enhancement. What you get out of it, is dependent on the combination of my technique and how well we work together as a team. I'll be directing you to breathe at key moments and I will encourage you to listen closely to your body as you practice the art of letting go. It is common for us to hold on so tightly, that the body gets used to tension as a way of being, and learning how to let go is sometimes where some of my clients have to start. If you are a seasoned reciever of massage and already know how to let go, then we'll be able to get a lot of work done. Some of my clients claim they feel so light and at ease afterwards that they describe the sensation as "walking on air". Either way, I am confident that you will have a great experience! Hopefully, it will help you to see body work as a necessary part of a health maintenance/longevity program. My theory is that we only have one body, and taking good care of it means an increased chance of it staying around for longer and enjoying vitality and joyful health throughout. 


How would you describe your intutive life-coaching work, and how can I benefit?

Intuitive life-coaching is a specialized field in which a varitey of multi-sensory skills (unique to each practitioner) are used to guide and assist a person in handling specific life issues or to help them navigate through life's challenges with grace and poise. Such multi-sensory skills can include the reading of the energy field through different means; inner seeing (clairvoyance), inner feeling (clairsentience), or inner hearing (clairaudience).  I have been intutive life-coaching for over a decade, helping people with all matters of personal concern ranging from relationship issues and problems regarding physical health, to career management and job fulfillment. My techniques include the multi-sensory skills of clair-sentience and some clairvoyance, and includes the option of energetic wellness treatments to promote a deeper sense of resolution and calm regarding the matter at hand. A session can provide clarity when confusion keeps one from moving forward, as well as deeper sense of security which opens one up to greater opportunities for growth, transformation, expansion and healing. It is not uncommon for clients to book bodywork and with an intuitive-life coaching session afterwards. However, they can be booked separately and frequently are.


Additional questions....?

Please feel free to email me with any questions or inquiries and I will be sure to follow up. Until we meet, be well, be safe and always feel loved!!




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