Dynamic Healing Therapies
De-stress, Relax, Heal & Recover


Welcome! My name is Lani Reagan!

As a practitioner of the healing arts, I am excited to share my work with you!

I specialize in Intuitive Energy-work, and am licensed and certified in Somatic Bodywork, Intuitive Life-Coaching, Pranic Healing and Theta Healing.

A session with me can potentially provide you with:

Relief from Pain, Injury or Illness

Emotional Balance, Harmony and Happiness

Mental Clarity, Focus and Direction 

If you are suffering from physical discomfort, mental stress and emotional pain, while finding little relief from other means, my work can take you further along in your journey towards health and well-being.  


I call my practice, Dynamic Healing Therapies because I use a blend of modalities to accelerate the healing process at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. From this intutive yet technical approach, clients leave feeling remarkably refreshed, vital and clear in their bodies, thoughts and emotions. Many report significant decreases, or diappearance of pain or illness altogether.

Whether using a hand's-off or hand's-on modality, my mission is to deliver the best possible experience to each client to effect markedly noticeable improvements; to educate and empower clients to maintain optimum health and well-being; and to offer support and guidance while moving through transition and life's challenges.   


I invite you to experience my work firsthand and welcome any questions you may have. Enjoy navigating through the pages on this site and maybe we'll work together soon!

Inner peace and vibrant health to all!

Lani Reagan- LMT, Certified Neuro-Structural Bodyworker, Certified Intuitive Life-Coach, Pranic Healing and Theta-Healing Practitioner 

351 Paseo Nuevo, 2nd Flr, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

(805) 338-5745 



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