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 Lani Reagan 

With 14 years of healing experience, I still find it rewarding and fulfilling seeing the recoveries and transformations of my clients.

When you experience energy-work for yourself firsthand, you discover how powerfully it can effect your health, wellness and recovery. A session is an expereince, and educational as well, since I teach healing techniques during sessions so that each client can practice preventive health maintenance, and learn about their own energy patterns. 

My initial interest in massage grew out of a personal need for healing and pain relief. Having sustained a tailbone injury at the age of 13 years that left me sitting on pillows while in school, medical doctors told my parents that nothing could be done to relieve the condition. The most they could offer me was to recommend anti-inflammatory drugs and to advise me to sit on special cushions. It wasn't until a few years later, that I found a chiropractor, who practiced myo-fascial and triggerpoint techniques and he gradually helped me back to full recovery. That experience inspired me to want to learn more about the human body and it eventually led me to an in-depth study of how the emotions affect the ebb and flow of the body's ability to heal itself. As I began to apply what I was learning I experienced immediate positive results, at the emotional and physical levels. My desire to help others desperately searching for healing grew out of those early experiences. 


In 2000, I compeleted the basic and advanced (Neuro-structural Bodywork) training for bodyworkers at the Kali Institute of Massage and Somatic Therapies in Ventura, Ca. I began working privately and in local chiropractic offices.

From 2003-2010, I completed the basic and advanced coursework for GMCK's Pranic Healing, (American Institute of Asian Studies, Chino, CA) an ancient form of science and art of energy healing; Vianna Stibal's Theta Healing (another form of energy work using clairvoyance and discussion to effect improvement physically and emotionally); an advanced compressive deep tissue class at the Santa Barbara Bodyworks School of Massage in Santa Barbara, Ca.; and a certification program for Life Coaching through Certified Coaches Federation, in Los Angeles, Ca.

In addition, I have training and experience in Cranio-Sacral, Reflexology, Thai Fusion Massage, Arhatic Yoga Meditation & Clairvoyance, Myofascial Release and Neuro-Muscular Technique.


The Practice

I have helped clients recover from a sampling of conditions such as clinical depression, pain caused by herniated discs, sciatica, and asthma, to name just a few. My practices are compatible with conventional medicine and I acknowledge and deeply respect the role these play in helping people. While certain conditions have been labeled by the medical community as non-curable, I believe all things are constantly tranforming and a static condition is an illusion. Movement and transformation is always occuring, it's just a matter of what direction it's moving towards. I have seen tumors shrink and cancer reverse itself, heart-burn disappear and heartache give way to ease and poise, in the lives of my clients and believe suffering is uneccessary when a person is ready to heal.

Within the last decade of using somatic bodywork I began to practice an intuitive healing art that mixes clairvoyance, kinesiology, and verbal discussion to help my clients find greater internal alignment resulting in deeper states of inner peace, joy and confidence. Wishing to help more people through this work led me to become certified in life coaching. I thoroughly enjoy this aspect of my practice and continue to share this work as I feel it has made the deepest and most profound impact on the lives and body's of my clients. 

Being able to witness transformation, healing and overall life improvement in my clients and students is truly exciting and continues to inspire me in my practice. 

To Health and Happines for ALL!






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