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Referred Professionals

All bodies, at some time or another need assistance in health maintenance. While we enjoy taking care of others, we do have healing professionals that we trust who keep our bodies, minds and spirit in great condition. Please feel free to use their services as a complement to our work together or to your current treatment plan, as all are compatible with conventional medicine. 



Dr. Hesu Whitten, D.C.

The Healing Place

1809 Cliff Dr., #E, Santa Barbara, CA. 

(805) 962-8548       Qchiro1@aol.com; 



Dr. Steve Sherwin

The Healing Loft

1725 B, State St, Santa Barbara, CA

(805) 682-2297



Theta Healing

Leanne Storey, Certified Theta Healer, and Instructor

(323) 270-7818    leanne@realdreamsfengshui.com




Dr. Daniel Diamond, L.Ac., OMD

800 Garden St., Suite F

Santa Barbara, CA

(805) 892-4700     






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