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I wish to say special thank you's to those of our clients who have expressed below, their sentiments about our work. Sharing your personal experiences takes time and effort but it is also a kindness to turn others on to the benefits this work can bring them. While some have chosen anonymity, our deepest gratitude goes to each of you for your contributions.

     "The work done on my neck was amazing. Getting right to the key spots causing pain was only topped by the disappearance of it afterwards! Well worth the investment!" - C.M., Ventura, Ca.

     "I first met Lani in the spring of 2006. I was immediately drawn to the light that seems to flow so effortlessly from her presence. Her nuturing touch has been a comfort to me through some very difficult times and her intuitive nature and therapeutic counseling has been of great support during times when I had to make important life decisions. Whenever the world feels out of sorts, I know I can come to Lani and leave filled with a renewed sense of hope and belief that all is well. Lani has taught me to trust my body and my emotions and understand the importance of surrounding myself with positivity. She is truly a magical and healing soul and I can't thank her enough for the light she has brought into my life." --------S.H., Portland, OR

"I appreciate how Lani always tries to work with my schedule and gets me in just when I need the work. Her technique is so effective, I haven't found anyone who matches it. I get off the table feeling renewed and invigorated. I feel so blessed to have her as my therapist."--D.K., Bevery Hills, CA

"I prefer Lani's type of massage because I feel like she really knows what she is doing when addressing my physical pain. Plus, her background in intuitive energy healing (Pranic, Theta-Healing, Intutitve Life Coaching) means that she also works to remedy emotional stress that may be stored somatically in the body's tissues and organs. Her work affects change and healing on several levels and it's a greater value to me than a regular swedish massage, although she does some swedish style. I so appreciate having her as my bodyworker!"- L.H., Topanga, CA

"Lani, thank you for the healing session. You have a wonderful gift and it has helped me so many times. Keep sharing your gift. You make a difference." - C.M., Oxnard, CA

"Lani is truly amazing, very down to earth and a genuine healer. I would recommed her to anyone looking for an alternative healing experience."---J.W., Santa Barbara, CA

"More than I hoped it could be. Lani is quite gifted. Grateful to have found her." --S.B., Solvang, CA


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