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Levels of training and experience for energy healing, intuitive life coaching and bodywork vary to a large degree. This means that not all massage, energy-work or intutitve life coaching is created equal. If the descriptions below match your idea of what you are looking for in a session, it's a good indication that this work can help you. 


On Energy-work and Intuitive Life-Coaching

"I want someone who has an understanding of the complexities of the energetic anatomy and who can, not only help my body accelerate it's own healing process, but educate me with techniques I can use for maintenance of my physical, mental and emotional health."

"I want someone who has a track record of producing consistent results in their healing work, such that cases of recovery and "healings" are par for the course. I also want a practitioner who is both understanding and respectful of my cultural and religious preferences and who can use their intutive skills tailored to my mental, emotional and spiritual needs and preferences."

"I want an intuitive life coach/energy healing practitioner who will leave me feeling safe and held in high esteem. Someone who can be objective and non-judgemental, and who can offer compassion and comfort while providing me with clear and firm direction resulting in swift resolution of my concerns/issues."

"I am not attracted to so called, "new-age" superstitious approaches and want a pratitioner who can explain to me what he/she is doing and has the capacity to stay connected and present to what is unfolding in the moment."

"I am a long-time meditator and my spirituality is very important to me. I want someone who can speak and interact consciously, in the language of my tradition."


On Massage and Somatic Bodywork

"I want a firm massage that leaves me feeling as though we accomplished something, such as being able to move easier and with little to no pain."


"I like deep tissue massage, but not just deep pressure all over. I want someone who knows when, where and how firmly to apply pressure so that my body feels listened to and lets go easily."


"I want a seasoned therapist who is both technically educated with a strong background in anatomy but who also has an intuitive gift for healing over all. I want to be able to relax very deeply in the trust that my therapist can both, "read" my body correctly, hitting all the right spots easily and who is easy to communicate with verbally if I need to say something."


"There's something deeply satisfying in having a therapist who really knows my body and can anticipate and meet it's needs without any prompting from me. It leaves me feeling very attended to. A great massage experience includes a warm welcome, caring attitude and an attention to detail so that all aspects of my being feel well served."



If you can relate to any of these expressions, it is highly likely that you'll be very satisfied with this work. Cash and credit cards accepted via paypal.

To schedule an appointment or for more details call (805) 338-5745. Or, email AskLaniNow@gmail.com.


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