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Why Intuitive Life-Coaching?

It is common to seek pain relief in the body, while experiencing pain or stress in other areas of life. Stress from anxiety, fear and the tendency to worry, among other negative emotions can cause pain in the body that massage alone can only temporarily alleviate. Follow-up discussions with clients involving the use of clairvoyance, dialog, and muscle-testing helps to discover subconscious beliefs that inhibit health and wellness. Through Intuitive Life-Coaching we work together at a theta brainwave level, to create an alignment of conscious and subconscious content so that long-lasting transformation takes place, in the body (manifesting as resolution of pain) and in the emotions (manifesting in restoration of peace and clarity). This work has helped clients recover from phobias, depression, anxiety, and even resulted in weight loss, and manifestation of new job opportunities!

Through heightened intuitive abilities, it is possible to sense, see or receive information needed to come into awareness, and then to use energy healing to rectify, adjust or fine-tune the piece of information discovered together. Through muscle testing your body, we confirm the information received, keeping you directly involved and in charge of your process at all times. Intuitive Life-Coaching is really about life transformation, and life enhancement. It has the potential to positively impact all areas of your life.

While each session is different and unique, clients have described the experience as empowering, and enlightening. They have reported increased feelings of hopefulness, higher levels of motivation, greater clarity, and deeper levels of inner peace. Additionally, the tools they develop while in session prove invaluable in maintaining their new levels of consciousness, thus providing the foundation for life long transformation.  

Hopefully this gives you a sense of what  Intuitive Life Coaching can offer you. Regardless of what direction you are wishing to move into, Intuitive Life-Coaching can be useful in defining that direction, removing sub-conscious blocks keeping you from pursuing that direction and reinforce positive thoughts and habits that support your values and goals. I have been told that this work is a gift and invite you to book a session today! Experience how Intuitive Life Coaching can help you! 

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